Being Aware of Blackjack Gambling Addiction

The game of blackjack is not as harmless as you’d like it to be. There are always risks when you bet. There are many factors that make the game deceiving to the gamblers, but the players don’t realize them. Here is what you should know before you enter a game of blackjack gambling.


The players get eager to gamble on blackjack, because of the competitive nature of the game. Gamblers are eager to beat the odds, especially when they see the dealer as their opponent. People forget that their opponent is not a single person. At blackjack you still are playing versus the whole house. Winning is not about overcoming the dealer but the casino itself, but since a person is dealing the cards at the game, it seems at first that winning won’t be hard. The dealer doesn’t play against you directly, but since he follows the house rules, the house edge is at his side, therefore he has advantage versus the gambler. Not to mention that the dealer has full control over the deck of cards, while you only can watch.


blackjack card counting drawThe fact that the game is only for two players is another obstacle. The lack of other players to compete gives an extra advantage to the house since the single gambler takes the full risk of the house edge. That is why the pressure of the entire game falls on the single gambler. The dealer on the other hand doesn’t need to rethink his moves or follow the cards the way that the player does. The only thing that matters in the end is the score and what happens to the cash you bet.


Blackjack seems like a game of luck since the draw determines the result, so there’s always a chance that you could win a s long as the dealer draws the right card. However the constant shuffling of the deck could cause you more damage instead of giving you an advantage. When the order of the cards changes, so do the odds. Furthermore as we mentioned you don’t have control over the cards. You aim for certain card, but the combinations that are created with each draw from the deck, change the score constantly. You can’t collect the cards to form the winning combination.


Card counting is the only strategy that looks efficient, especially when the necessary score of 21 seems low. But counting the score at black jack is no easy task. People without strong nerves shouldn’t try this at all. You have to pay attention to several factors at once. First you need to keep in mind the cards you have and to predict what your odds become with every next draw of the dealer. This mean to calculate the score by a variety of combinations. You have only seconds to decide before the next draw, while the movement of the cards on the table distracts you. You have to build another combination of cards at every single turn. This causes people to over think the moves or lose a track of the game play.