How to Make a Quick and Secure Online Casino Deposit?

If you have already chosen a casino suitable for your needs, the next step would be adding funds to your account. This guide will help you explore the available options you will have to make an online casino deposit and learn what the online casino payment methods are. We will provide you with great tips and advantages for all online casino payment methods to ensure that your funds while gambling will be as secure as possible. In the next paragraphs, we will help you understand the differences between credit and debit cards.We will show you a few tips about online safety and what you can do to keep your personal information secure. In this article we will show you the best casino payment options.

Online Casino Payment Methods

If you decide to choose one of the casinos that are recommended on our site we can assure you that your gambling experience will be enjoyable, and you will be safe. The most prestigious operators will offer a wide variety of online casino payment methods as well as the best available security. In this segment, we will show you the best casino payment options.

Online casino payment methods

Most people think that Visa and MasterCard are just types of credit cards. However that is not entirely accurate, they are networks which process payments. They operate your transactions and verify them with your bank. Afterward, they either accept or decline the trade according to the available funds you currently have. The casino of your choice will pay a fee for this process, and that is how the networks make money.

Paying with your card may look quite simple, but it is a very complicated process which involves info that travels hundreds maybe even thousands of miles. We will provide you with a small list to explain how the whole thing happens. This is a process with six stages which usually takes a few seconds.

  • You use your Card:
    You use your debit or credit card, and the request goes straight to the casino’s server.
  • Casino is Web Server:
    The operator requires those funds from the payment gateway.
  • Payment Gateway:
    This server contacts the server of your bank.
  • Your Bank is Being Contacted
    The server of your bank checks your account and the funds that are currently available.
  • Are Funds Available?
    If there are in fact enough money your bank verifies the transaction.
  • The Payment is made to the Operator:
    The payment gateway also authorizes it, and the transaction is being completed.

To conclude every single time you use either a debit or a credit card does not matter If it is online or a physical copy the payment system gets connected with the credit card department of your bank. Which means that when you deposit funds in a casino by using your card, the payment system will check with your bank if you have enough money to complete the transaction.

What is the Difference between Credit and Debit Cards?

When you use a debit card, the funds are being withdrawn from your account. With a credit card, the funds are not yours, and you will have to return them in the future with interest.

So when you deposit with a credit card, you have to be aware that the issuer of your card will classify this as an advance. This is quite the huge difference to pay with your credit card, because if you pay the full sum, you own within the due date there will be no interest.

What Details Does A Card Contain?

  • The type of the card for example Visa or MasterCard
  • The Card Number
  • The name of the Holder
  • The Expiration Date
  • Card Verification Value Number (CVV) – it is located on the back of your card, and it is usually used for online shopping. If you look at that the back you will see a series of numbers; the last three will be separated from the rest those three are the CVV.

What are the Main Differences between Credit and Debit Cards?

Main Differences between Credit and Debit Cards We have created a short list to make things clearer for you:
  • You are spending your money.
  • The card is connected to your account and current funds.
  • There is absolutely no credit involved.
  • All the funds in your account are available.
  • There are no interest fees.
  • You are spending the money of the card issuer (for example Visa).
  • The card is not connected to your bank account.
  • It carries a line of credit.
  • The card issuer sets the limit.
  • The interest will be charged after the due date.

The moment you decide to deposit in an online casino with a credit card, you will be charged with interest. There is also a chance that your bank will add a handling fee which will be a particular percentage of the online casino deposit you made.

However, when you are using a debit card, there will be no charges of that type. That is unless you use any ewalllet services such as Paypal. It may sound complicated, but it is quite simple and safe.

How to Make an Online Casino Deposit via Credit Cards in Online Casinos?

We do recommend using debit cards, rather than credit ones, as we mentioned earlier. However, if you decide to use one, here are the three most popular ones in the USA – Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Advantages of using Credit Cards:

  • It is very easy to use
  • It is accepted in almost all casinos
  • It protects from fraud
  • The issuer protects in case of loss
The only disadvantage is probably the fact that the charges may be expensive.

How to Use Debit Cards in Online Casinos?

This is one of the preferred online casino payment methods most people use, not just for gambling, but also for shopping and paying bills. It gives you the opportunity to have all your funds with you at any time, without having to carry enormous sums of money in your pocket. Moreover, after all, most people like being in control of their money without spending too much. So this is the better choice for online gambling because it allows you to make an online casino deposit without any additional charges. Moreover, since the money comes from your personal account, you can only gamble with your funds without having to borrow from anyone. In the USA the most popular online casino payment methods are Visa Electron, MasterCard Debit, Visa Debit and Maestro.

Advantages in using Debit Cards:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Usually accepted everywhere (Maestro not so often)
  • No hidden charges
  • The bank may detect fraud
The only disadvantage is that you must have funds in your account.

How to Use Ewallets in Online Casinos

Online casino banking with ewallet

It is a well-known fact that most people do not like using their cards online. Even though the operators have taken the extra step to make sure it is safe, some people still prefer to use an Ewallet or prepaid cards.

If you have never heard of them before, they are an account that holds your funds, like a regular wallet you can both take and add money. It is obvious why this is one of the most popular online the best casino payment options; it is because you do not have to share your card information with the casino you decide to make an online casino deposit with or any other online retailer.

Advantages in using Ewallets

  • Your personal info is hidden
  • You can use it without a card
  • There are usually no fees
  • Some of the casinos may offer incentives
The only disadvantage is that not all of them are accepted, and it is a two-step process.

What Measures to Use to Prevent Fraud?

All the casinos we recommend use real money and have spent millions to keep the players and their personal information safe. Nonetheless, there are still a few steps you can follow to decrease the chance on your own. You can use these online in general, not just for gambling.

  • You should use the credit cards bonus security for example Visa’s Verified by Visa.
  • You should not use a computer that is shared.
  • You should not click on unknown attachments.
  • You should not keep your card and pin together.
  • You should not use passwords that are easy to guess such as your child’s date of birth.
  • You should secure your passwords and change them every six months.
  • You should not connect to an unsecured network.
  • You should only use secure websites to make payments.
  • You should always log out when you are finished.

What to be Distrustful About when Playing with Real Money?

How to prevent yourself from fraud theft There are a couple of factors you need to be wary about when you use actual funds,especially if you are playing at a mobile casino. Most important of them are:

Since the last decade, more and more US citizens have been receiving emails which require them to give out personal information. Now these emails may seem legit and from a reliable source, however, their only goal is to steal your personal info and access your bank accounts. You should never reply to such emails or open any links before you have verified that the email is legit. You can do that by looking up their phone number in a search engine and contacting them. You should not use the number that is provided in the suspicious email.


This usually involves a criminal which calls you on your phone and may pose as the police or a person from your bank. This person will ask you for your confidential information such as anything to do with your bank account or personal questions like your mother’s maiden name and your address. This is later used to access your funds and as you may guess the results may be disastrous.

Why it is Important to Verify Your Identity?

Some operators will require you to verify your identity. It is more common when you are making a withdrawal. These steps are done to protect both you and the casino; they may seem unnecessary, but it is better to take a couple of minutes to do them, rather than being a victim of fraud.

However, some operators allow you to identify yourself twice which makes the withdrawing process quicker. Different casinos may use various online casino payment methods to do this, however, in most cases, they need a scanned copy of one of these documents:

ID containing a photo

In this case, the usual identification will be either a driving license or your password.

Either a Debit or a Credit Card

The operator may ask you for clear copies of the front and back of the card you use to make an online casino deposit with.

Proving your address

You may need a copy of a bill for example for water or electricity. Some casinos may require it to be from the past three months. It has to contain your full name and address.

Transaction Fees and Charges

Debit card

Usually, there wouldn’t be any fees when you use this method to deposit since the money is taken from your current account. This is why this is one of the most popular online casino payment methods.

Credit card

Some casinos do in fact charge for this process, but we have that information in our in-depth reviews. Alongside other valuable info such as minimum and maximum deposits, time it takes to process them and more.

Ewallet and prepaid cards

It is the same as with credit cards, so if you have already chosen an operator, you should take a quick peek at our review and check if there are any fees.

Converting currency

All the recommended casinos use the most used currencies, however, if you wish to pay with another one, there may be charges. In that case, we would recommend you to contact your bank or card issuer.

Is There a Way to Reduce the Chances of a Dispute?

Firstly before rushing to sign and accept the Terms and Conditions, you should read them carefully, as this is the main reason players have disputes with casinos. Often the welcoming bonuses have separate conditions, so you should look into them as well.

If you already did that but don’t fully understand them, we recommend that you contact the customer support, as they can provide you with additional information. The operators we feature have a range of options to communicate with them, depending on your comfort, for example via live chat, email or phone.

Our reviews include detailed information about each casino’s available customer service so you should give them a look before deciding where to join.

If your problem is still not solvable, you can contact the company that regulates the casino, this is the same one that licensed it, and you can check that on their website. We hope that this article showed you which are the online casino withdraw methods and deposit ones.